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Erfahre wie du ein Shipito Mitglied wirst
Nein, es gibt keine Registrierungsgebühr und du musst auch keine Kreditkarte hinterlegen. Wir bieten eine Standardmitgliedschaft, die komplett gratis ist. Unsere Premium Mitgliedschaft bietet zusätzliche Services und kann monatlich oder jährlich bezahlt werden. Wenn du unser Premium Konto wählst ist die erste Zahlung erst notwendig, wenn du dein erstes Paket verschickst oder einen Unterstützten Einkauf beauftragst. Die Premium Mitgliedschaft kostet $10 USD pro Monat oder $50 USD pro Jahr.
Immediately. Once you signup, you are given a U.S. address. You can use this address when checking out at any online retailer and send your first package our way.
Form 1583 is a required USPS form that authorizes Shipito to receive mail on your behalf.

You will be given a unique suite number that will be the same across all our warehouses.

Our free Standard membership gives you a default address for our Hawthorne, California warehouse which offers 90 day storage duration. You will also have access to ship to our warehouse in Austria.

If you choose our Premium plan, you will be given a default address for our tax-free Tualatin, Oregon warehouse in addition to every warehouse available in our Standard membership.

Customs in some countries require your Tax ID to be printed on the commercial invoice. If this is your case, the warning will be displayed on your account when selecting shipping method for the package. To enter your Tax ID to your profile, please follow the steps 1. Login to your account 2. Select account settings 3. Select “address book” on the left-hand side. 4. Select “Add New Address” at the bottom, colored in orange.
Below you will find a screenshot of a typical checkout screen and how to enter your unique Shipito U.S. address. If you have a question about using your Shipito address on a retailer's site, please submit a support ticket through your Shipito account and our agents will be happy to assist you.

We do not provide a domestic U.S. phone number, but you can create your own. Below you'll find some recommendations of where you can obtain a U.S. phone number:

Shipito provides your very own U.S. address with a unique suite number. You can purchase from online retailers around the world and ship to over 220 countries and territories. If you are unable to ship to our warehouse, or if your order is canceled by the retailer and they tell you that that they will not ship to us, please contact us.

We also offer a very convenient Assisted Purchase rogram where we can shop on U.S. websites for you.

State sales tax depends on the retailer you order from and the warehouse you ship to. Our Tualatin, Oregon warehouse is completely sales-tax free because the state of Oregon does not charge sales tax. If you are unsure about tax rates, you will be able to see the applicable sales tax presented on the retailer's website during the checkout process.
Where you will find package and warehouse processing info

The DIM weight refers to the dimensional weight of a package based on size rather than the measured "gross weight". To price international shipping, carriers charge the greater of measured weight or DIM weight based on the size of the box. DIM weight is calculated as (length × width × height) / (dimensional factor)

Dimensional factors are determined by each carrier, USPS may use 194 while FedEx Express uses 169. Your package DIM weight may vary by carrier for the same size box.

Yes, there is a heavy package surcharges applied to any packages 30 lbs or heavier.

Heavy Package Surcharge
  • Over 30 pounds – $10
  • Over 70 pounds – $20
  • Over 100 pounds – $30
  • Over 150 pounds – $50

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      Ja, du oder jemand von dir beauftragter (Freund, oder Familienmitglied) kann die Pakete persönlich bei uns im Warehouse abholen. Bitte wähle dazu als Versandart "Local Pickup" aus - stelle sicher dass die Zollinhaltserklärung ausgefüllt ist und dass du genügend Guthaben auf deinem Konto hast. Bei der Abholung musst du dich mit einem gültigen Lichtbildausweis ausweisen.

      Normally there is no issue and the package will be entered into your account. However, if your package was delivered and is not entered into your account within 1-2 days, we will conduct an investigation.

      If you don't see your package in your account within 2 days, please submit a support ticket providing the tracking number and any other additional information about your package to assist our investigation. There are additional fees incurred if your package arrives without the proper address, including your suite number.

      We suggest you contact your carrier if there was an issue delivering your package. There are several factors that may contribute to an undelivered package. It's possible they delivered past our closing time or there was a collect-on-delivery (COD) fee.

      Evet, paketler kontrol edildikten ve hesabınıza girdikten sonra size e-posta göndereceğiz.
      After your package has been processed into our warehouse you need complete the customs declaration form. Once the declaration is done, the package can then be scheduled for mail out by choosing the carrier, insurance, and having the necessary funds available in your Shipito account.
      Ja, bitte schaue in unsere Liste der Verbote und Beschränkungen.
      Yes, we charge a $2.00 USD processing fee for each package we receive into your account. This fee is deducted from your balance when the package is mailed out or disposed. To cut down on these per-package processing fees, many retailers allow you to request your purchases be shipped in as few boxes as possible. For example, Amazon has an account preference titled "Group My Items into As Few Shipments As Possible," reducing the number of packages received. We also recommend consolidating multiple packages into a single box before mail out to save up to 80% on the cost of international shipping.
Important! Learn what can be shipped to your country before you shop.
Verstehe wie dein Konto funktioniert und erfahre über unsere Kontotypen.
You can locate your Shipito address under the header section of your account, titled "Your U.S. Address". To change your default Shipito address, simply go to "Account Settings" and then "Address Book." Your suite number will stay the same but you are able change your selected warehouse at any time. Please ALWAYS remember to include your Shipito Suite number on packages coming to one of the Shipito facilities. If this is not included it could create delays, additional fees or even prevent us from being able to place the package in your account
To add a mailing address to your account, head to "Account Settings" then "Address Book." There you'll find the "Add New Address" option. You can also change your billing address under the "Shipping and Billing Address" section.
Wenn du deine Mitgliedschaft ändern willst (Premium auf Standard oder umgekehrt) gehe zu deinen Kontoeinstellungen und wähle dort ob du ein "Upgrade" oder "Downgrade" durchführen willst.
Ja, du kannst Pakete unter mehr als einem Namen empfangen. Diese Namen müssen jedoch in deinem Konto hinterlegt sein und jeder zusätzliche Name muss ggf. verifiziert werden.
To add a name to your account, go to "Account Settings," then "Additional Names." Once there you simply click "Add Name." You can have up to six names on your account.
Wenn du dein Konto schließen willst brechen wir in Tränen aus - deshalb setzen wir alles daran dich als Kunden zu behalten. Sag uns was wir besser machen können. Falls du dein Konto dennoch schließen willst schicke uns einfach ein Support Ticket und wir kümmern uns darum.
There are several reasons why your account might be on hold. Please submit a support ticket through your account so we can better assist you with your account status.
Step 1
Login to your account.

Step 2
Go to Account Settings > Account Membership. You'll see the following option, just click on "Change".

Find out how to get updates on package tracking and delivery.
Tracking Updates
Shipping Methods
Erfahre mehr über die Zollformalitäten, EEI Forms, Zoll und Steuern
Australien GST
Learn more about services available for your shipments.
Which payment methods or local currencies does Shipito support?
The payment methods we offer may vary depending on your location. We accept payments via major credit cards, PayPal, Bitcoin, Wire transfer, QiWi (Russia) and Boleto (Brazil). We do not accept cash payments at anytime, even for local pickup
Processing times vary per payment method. Most credit card, PayPal and Bitcoin payments will be processed immediately but some transactions may take 15 minutes or a few hours. Wire transfer and Boleto Bancario payments take 5-7 days to be processed.

We ask that you allow a few hours for your payment to appear on your Shipito account but most payments are posted within minutes. If after few hours your payment is still not showing on your account, please submit a support ticket with the following information:

  • Paypal - Please provide us with the unique transaction ID.
  • Credit Card - Please provide us with the first six and last four digits of the card used. For your safety, DO NOT send your full credit card number.
  • Bitcoin - Please provide us with the date and amount deposited in USD along with the Shipito order number.
  • Wire Transfer - Please provide us with the wire transfer receipt or the name the wire transfer was made under, the amount deposited in USD and the date of the wire transfer.
  • Boleto Bancario - Please provide us with the deposit receipt showing proof of payment, the deposit date and the amount.
  • Other Payment Methods - Submit a support ticket for further assistance.

The most common reason for credit card decline is that the card provider is blocking international payments. First verify with your bank or card provider that they allow international payments. Please also verify that the billing address on your account is correct. If you continue to receive an error message, please take a screen shot and submit a support ticket through your account. For your safety, DO NOT include your full credit card number.
If your account is new, with no packages or pending assisted purchases, you can only make a deposit via wire transfer or Bitcoin. Once we receive your first package or you create an assisted purchase request, you will be able to make a payment using additional methods. We require a minimum of $5 USD per deposit.
There are two ways to make a payment through your account. Both options appear in your “Account Balance” window. You can either click the Pay Link next to your Total amount due; Or you can click on add next to your Remaining deposit. When you click add or pay, a payment screen will appear. The payment process contains 3 simple steps: First select the amount you wish to pay. It will be auto-populated with the amount due, but you may choose to add more. The minimum amount is $5. Second, you’ll need to select your payment method. Wire Transfer — This method is only available for amounts over $50. Please be aware that additional bank fees of $16 apply for all wire transfer payments. The payment instructions will be displayed on the screen. Keep in mind that we do not accept payments from third parties. If there are any discrepancies in the name, address, postal code, or any of the payment information entered, we will ask for additional documentation for verification (Photo ID, copies of card, etc.). Credit Card — Simply enter your credit card number and the billing information. PayPal — If you select this payment method you will be redirected to the PayPal website where you will need to confirm your payment. Please make sure that the name on the card or Paypal account matches the name on your Shipito account. If there is a middle initial or prefix or suffix, it has to be entered in the payment window and has to match the Shipito account. Also, the Paypal account info needs to be in English. Foreign characters cannot be translated by our system, and will cause the payment to be held until it is verified. Bitcoin — Upon choosing this option, you will be redirected to Bitpay. There are no spending limits when paying with Bitcoin. Usually it takes about one hour for your deposit to be in your Shipito account. However, in some cases, it might take up to 24 hours for the payment to clear. You will get 4.3% bonus to all deposits paid by Bitcoin. In some cases, you may notice a payment is debited from your credit card, but not reflected in your account. That happens if the credit card processing company placed your funds on hold for security reasons while they verify the payment. The process takes two to three business days, after which the funds are either transmitted to us or returned to the card depending on the results of their investigation. Sometimes the system will display an error message when trying to make a payment. That is also because the credit card processing company found a discrepancy with the payment. We recommend either using a different card or contacting your bank about the issue. We cannot manually process a card that is being refused by the system.
Nein, das ist nicht notwendig. Erst wenn du es verschicken willst musst du dein Guthaben entsprechend aufladen.
Melde ein in Verlust geratenes Paket, oder Beschädigungen
Fraud Response
Werde Teil des Shipito Affiliate Programms und erfahre wie du Geld verdienen kannst indem du neue Kunden an uns vermittelst.
It doesn’t matter what country you live in. You can always promote Shipito services to English speaking customers. Place links or banners on your website. There are people living all over the world who love to shop online. Many products are cheaper in the U.S.A. and many people are unaware of the Shipito service. This approach has advantages in the simplicity. You will be referring business to You don’t have to keep track of any transactions and still receive passive income for package fees charged by Shipito.
When you sign up for our affiliate program you can use links with an affiliate ID or register your domain name in your affiliate account. When you register your domain name we have to be able to verify your ownership through WHOIS. You cannot hide your identity with privacy settings. Once you register your domain name our database will monitor every referral from your website and it will stay in our database for 60 days. If the customer makes the registration within 60 days it will be counted towards your affiliate commission.
We do not allow using SHIPITO name in any URL or domain name without written prior approval from us. We also do not allow using the Shipito logo without our written approval. We are looking for partners around the world who will run Shipito website in different languages, but only after a proper agreement is in place. They must provide the payment partners service.
Nein, nur wenn du eine schriftliche Einverständniserklärung von Shipito hast.
Wir können dich mittels PayPal, Scheck oder Übertrag auf dein Shipito Konto bezahlen. Wähle einfach die gewünschte Option in deinem Affiliate Konto. Die Bezahlung kann 7-10 Werktage in Anspruch nehmen. Das Risiko bei Schecks liegt bei dir.