, Gold and Diamond status. In 2015 we are adding also Platinum status. If you reach certain level in your yearly shipping volume you can achieve such status. You need 10 points for Silver status, 20 points for Gold status and 30 points for Diamond status. You need 100 points to reach Platinum. You get one point: for shipping a package over 5 lbs, 0.5 point for shipping a package under 5 lbs, one point for processed Assisted Purchase, one point for Monthly Virtual Mailbox upgrade and five points for Annual Virtual Mailbox upgrade. You can pre-pay additional years for virtual mailbox to get points faster. For example paying for two years of virtual mailbox will give you 10 points and Silver status. "/>
סיוע ברכישה

סיוע ברכישה

אם אתם מתקשים להזמין באינטרנט, אנחנו יכולים לקנות בשימכם. אתם תשלמו לנו מתוך ההפקדה שלכם ב-Shipito ואנו נרכוש עבורכם את מה שאתם צריכים. אנחנו יכולים לרכוש אפילו בחנויות בפועל.


1. ספרו לנו אילו מוצרים ברצונכם לרכוש

תנו לנו תיאור, כמות הפריטים הרצויים, מספר המוצר ואת המחיר הכולל, כולל המשלוח למחסן שלנו. תוכלו לעשות זאת על ידי הוספת הפריטים הנבחרים שלכם לתוך סל הקניות שלכם באתר האינטרנט האהוב עליכם, לגשת לקופה, להזין את כתובת המשלוח שלנו ואז לדעת את העלות הכוללת. תוכלו להזין את המידע בחשבון שלכם (לחצו על סיוע ברכישה).

2. אנו נבדוק את הזמינות של המוצרים ונרכוש את המוצרים

We will check if the products are available and we will email you total price including our fees. If you have enough money in your deposit we will make the purchase immediately. Otherwise we will notify you as to how much you still owe.

When, and if, any item in your order is not available, we will purchase what is available.  50% of your order must be available otherwise the order will be canceled. If less then 50% of your items are not available we will notify you via email.

3. Once received we ship them to you.

Once we receive your products in our warehouse we will double check what items were received and enter them as packages on your account. For example, if you buy some shirts or shoes we will check if correct size was sent by the store.

How much does it cost?

  • The cost of our assisted purchase service is $8.50 (plus cost of purchase, sales tax, bank fee, commission, and shipping).  The price applies to 10 unique items of the purchase. For example if you plan to purchase 15 unique items the price will be two times $8.50 ($17). If you purchase hundred of the same item the price remains $8.50.
  • Shipping cost depends on the shipping program you have activated. You either pay for each INDIVIDUAL PACKAGE or we can consolidated packages in a  VIRTUAL MAILBOX. When you utilize the assisted purchase option, be aware that some sellers might send your items in multiple packages. We have no control whether they pack it into one box or multiple boxes because of this it is recommended to sign up for a virtual mailbox where you can consolidate packages and save on shipping.
  • We only buy BUY IT NOW items on eBay (immediate purchase without bidding).
  • We charge 4.3% fee to cover fees on Paypal & credit card payments. We also charge 8% commission from the purchase cost, which covers services related to the purchase.
  • No fees if order is canceled by merchant (for example if product is not available).
  • No risk for you. If we don’t receive products from merchant you will get a refund.
Assisted purchase list
To check a status of an existing Assisted Purchase please log in to your account and place a free request.

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