• My special request was not completed correctly. How do I fix it?

    If your special request was done incorrectly, please submit a support ticket through your Shipito account and our staff will resolve the issue.

  • I placed an express processing request, when will it be done?

    Our goal is to complete express processing requests within 4-6 hours from the time of the request and is dependent upon operational hours and volume of shipments. If you would like express mailout, be sure to select this as well, this is a different option from express processing.

  • Can you re-pack my package if the retailer placed it in a bigger box?

    Yes, we can re-pack your package into a smaller box. In your account go to "Add Additional Services" then select "Other Instructions". Use the "Other Instructions" field to type in this specific request: "Fit my box to the smallest possible size that fits the contents". The fee is $5 USD.

    Additional Services Additional Services Step 2
  • What is Assisted Purchase and how much does it cost?

    If you have any trouble ordering online we can shop on your behalf. The funds will be deducted from your Shipito account, and we will purchase the products. Sales tax and shipping fees are determined by the retailer (if applicable). Pricing for this service is listed below:

    • Service Fee: $8.50 USD per 10 items (from the same retailer)
    • Processing Fee (4.3% of order total)
    • Commission Fee (8% of order total)

    learn more about our Assisted Purchase program.

  • Can I purchase from retailers on one assisted purchase request?

    Unfortunately, no. If you would like to order from different retailers, please place separate assisted purchase requests.

  • What is the process for placing an assisted purchase?

    To place an assisted purchase order, please have the URLs of the items you want to buy ready. On your account go to the "Assisted Purchase" section and click "New Assisted Purchase." Fill in the required information to proceed with placing the order.

    Assisted Purchase
  • What happens with the purchase if the items are out of stock?

    If any item in your order is not available, we will purchase what is available. 50% of your order must be available, otherwise the assisted purchase request will be canceled and you will be notified by email.

  • When will the assisted purchase request be completed?

    Usually between 2-5 days, depending on the day the request is submitted and the volume of requests.

  • Can I return an item from an assisted purchase request?

    Returns depend on the retailer's return policy for the items purchased. You are responsible for all fees associated with a return.